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Single Phase Filters

Our single phase filters range from 1 amp to 30amps with input voltages from DC to 240Vac with input and output connection to suit most needs.

Three Phase Filters

We have a large range of Three Phase filters from 7 to 125Amps with input voltages from 100 to 400Vac.

DC Filters

In our range of DC filters we have a range of 1amp to 100amps with a wide selection of connection configurations.

Automotive Power Conditioners and Backup Supplies

We have two ranges of automotive filters these are general Automotive filters with 1 to 35amps capability and Automotive- Power Conditioners & converters for low power applications.

Military and Tempest

In our Military and Tempest product range you will find a comprehensive listing of filters to meet the most demanding of applications starting at 1amps and up to 40amps.

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